Emergency Management Department of Columbia, NH

Submitted and compiled by:Richard Johnsen – Director, [email protected], [email protected]

CEMA: Columbia Emergency Management Agency
CEMA is a group of residents with a desire to preserve the sanctity of life in Columbia. These Reservists are volunteers that become active in a disaster. The formation of this emergency management organization is sanctioned by the NH Office of Emergency Management and authorized by the NH Emergency Management Act (RSA107-C). CEMA’s purpose is to prepare for the possibility of the occurrence of disasters resulting from fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other natural, technological or man-made causes, and in order that the Town of Columbia will be adequately prepared to cope with such disasters; and, generally, in order to preserve the lives and the property of the people of Columbia. Hazard Mitigation, along with Preparedness, Response and Recovery form the four cornerstones of the Columbia Emergency Management Agency’s emergency management structure. CEMA was founded in 2002.

Columbia’s Emergency Management Committee :
(includes, but is not limited to, the following)

Richard Johnsen, Director, Contact: [email protected]
William Schomburg, Deputy Director
Robert Soucy, MD Reservist
Scott Stepanian, Reservist
Scott Deblois, Reservist
Buddy Boudle, Reservist
Blake Johnsen, Reservist
Paul Rella, Reservist

CEMA Contact:
Richard Johnsen – Director, [email protected], [email protected]

New Hampshire’s Bureau Of Emergency Management:
– www.nh.gov/safety/division