Meeting began at 5:55 pm.  Present were Selectmen Cloutier, Stohl and Campbell. 

Checks and manifests were reviewed and signed. 

An Intent to Excavate was signed for Norman Cloutier. 

On a motion made by Selectman Stohl and seconded by Selectman Cloutier, the Board approved the minutes of the April 24. 2024 meeting.  (Selectman Campbell abstained.) 

Town Treasurer, Carrie Klebe, entered the meeting at 6:10.  Ms. Klebe informed the Board that she had recently gone to Concord to testify before the Finance Committee.  There is currently a bill in the Senate to eliminate the NH Public Deposit Pool.  Ms. Klebe had testified against this bill.  Ms. Klebe left the meeting at 6:20 pm. 

The Board reviewed the monthly bank reconciliations for all the Town’s bank accounts.  Marcia also shared with the Board a new spreadsheet that she and Town Treasurer, Carrie Klebe, are using monthly to make end-of-the reconciling easier. 

A Driveway Permit was received for Maurice Harriman.  Selectman Cloutier will share it with the Road Agent, Domenic Westover. 

Mail was reviewed. 

A letter from Attorney Jon Frizzell was received.  Since Attorney Frizzell has been appointed as a Court Judge, he will no longer be able to represent the Town.  Mr. Frizzell has recommended Chris Boldt of Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella.  Mr. Boldt has already been approached by  Mr. Frizzell and has agreed.  The Board instructed Marcia to contact Mr. Boldt to introduce us. (We have had some dealings with this firm through the PSNH case.) 

Selectman Campbell reminded the Board that there will be a dispatch center meeting tomorrow night (May 9th). 

The Board discussed the a couple of delinquent tax issues.  The Board instructed Marcia to mention this matter to Attorney Chris Boldt when she speaks with him and get his thoughts about how we should proceed with these two matters. 

The Board discussed the Town cemeteries.  Last year, the Town spent $10,000 repairing stones in the Columbia Bridge Cemetery. There is still approximately $13,000 remaining in the Cemetery Maintenance Trust Fund.  Selectman Campbell said that he had been in the Columbia Bridge Cemetery and that there were still a few stones that needed repair.  We need to check on the Lyman Cemetery and the two on Keach Road to see what needs to be done there. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Marcia Parkhurst, Secretary 

Board of Selectmen