Meeting began at 5:55 pm.  Present were Selectmen Cloutier and Campbell.  Selectman Stohl was absent.

Mail was reviewed.

Checks and manifests were reviewed and signed.

The Board opened the bids received for the new three-year plowing contract.  Bids were received as follows:

Clark Jeffers, Jr.          $115,000.00 – lst year

$118,000.00 – 2nd year

$121,000.00 – 3rd year


Dominic Westover         $115,000.00 – lst year

$117,000.00 – 2nd year

$119,000.00 – 3rd year

Selectman Cloutier stated that he wished to excuse himself from voting on this since he and Mr. Westover have a business relationship.  Since the Board needed to make a decision tonight in order to continue with the Budget Hearing later in the meeting, a phone call was placed to Selectman Stohl.  Selectman Campbell explained the situation and read the bids to Selectman Stohl.  Selectman Campbell made a motion, which was seconded by Selectman Stohl to accept the bid from Mr. Westover.  Motion passed by voice vote.  (Selectman Cloutier abstained.)

A letter was signed to be sent to Northern Human Services regarding their payment in lieu of taxes for the Shallow River property.



Stacey Campbell entered the meeting at 6:30 pm.  Mrs. Campbell explained that the Historical Group would like to have a fundraiser to raise money for the museum.  She showed the Board a T-shirt that belonged to William Schomburg that they wish to re-create.  The Board discussed what could be changed and gave their permission for Mrs. Campbell to explore this project further.

Marcia gave the Board members a list of taxpayers that Tax Collector, Debbie DeBlois, had sent Notices of Impending Tax Deed to.

The Board discussed a couple of maintenance issues regarding the Town Hall:

  1. How best to replace the bathroom floor.
  2. Instructed Marcia to order some “runners” for the stage floor.

At 7:00 pm. Selectman Cloutier called the annual Budget Hearing to order.  Members of the public:  Michael Collins.  Mr. Collins informed the Board that he had come to the meeting to make sure that the Board didn’t have any questions regarding the ambulance budget.  (Mr. Collins is Columbia’s representative to the ambulance Board of Directors.)  The Board said they had no questions and Mr. Collins left the meeting.  The Board continued reviewing the Budget.  Selectman Cloutier declared the Budget Hearing adjourned at 7:10 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Marcia Parkhurst, Secretary

Board of Selectmen