Board of Selectmen Minutes

Meeting began at 6:00 pm.  Present were Selectmen Cloutier, Stohl and Campbell.  (Selectman Campbell took notes in Marcia’s absence.)

Manifests and checks were reviewed and signed.

On a motion made by Selectman Cloutier and seconded by Selectman Stohl the Board approved the minutes of the November 10, 2021 meeting.

An Intent to Cut was approved for Lumberjack, LLC.

Marcia left notes for the Board as follows:

  1. 75% of the 2021 property taxes have been received to date.
  2. November’s motor vehicle registrations totaled $15,000 through November 22nd.
  3. Left monthly reconciliations for the NHPDIP account and the Transfer Station Account.
  4. An e-mail has been sent to Cohos Advisors asking them to do the “lost revenue calculation sheet” for the Town with regards to the ARPA funds. Selectman Stohl said he had again contacted NHEC to see how their broadband project was going but has not received a response.

The Board discussed the monthly reconciliation for the Transfer Station and which deposits were from which entities.

Meeting adjourned at 6:53 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald Campbell, Selectman