Board of Selectmen Minutes

Meeting began at 6:00 pm.  Present were Selectmen Cloutier, Stohl and Campbell.  Members of the public present:  Gary Fournier (Brett S. Purvis & Associates).

Mr. Fournier came to the meeting to have the Board sign the contract with his company to do the Town’s assessing.  Mr. Fournier informed the Board that DRA had already reviewed the contract and had suggested a couple of minor “wording” changes.  Mr. Fournier currently plans to have his “office day” the first Wednesday of each month.  The Board signed both copies of the contract and Mr. Fournier left the meeting.

Checks and manifests were reviewed and signed.

Mail was reviewed.

On a motion made by Selectman Campbell and seconded by Selectman Stohl, the Board approved the minutes of the January 13th meeting.

A contract was signed with CAI Technologies in the amount of $1,200.00 (annual) for updating the Town’s tax maps.

Marcia gave each Board member a list of taxpayers who will be receiving a Notice of Impending Tax Deed for the 2018 taxes next week from the tax collector.  The Board discussed various individuals on the list and what actions may need to be taken.

Marcia also informed the Board that Tax Collector Debbie DeBlois will also be sending out Notices of Impending Tax Lien for the 2020 taxes next week.

One more appropriation request was received for NH North Country Veterans.  After discussion on this request, the Board decided not to include it on the Town’s warrant.

The Board opened the bids received for winter plowing as follows:

Cloutier Sand & Gravel – Year 1 - $108,000

                                         Year 2 - $112,000

                                          Year 3 - $112,000

Clark Jeffers, Jr.                Years 1 – 3 - $120,000 per year

On a motion made by Selectman Campbell and seconded by Selectman Stohl, the Board voted to accept the bid of Cloutier Sand & Gravel.  (Selectman Cloutier abstained from the vote.)

The Board discussed the road issue on Kelsea Notch Road.  It was decided to write the property owner a letter informing them that if spring water/rain damages the road due to the slope of their driveway, that the Town will hold them responsible.  Marcia will draft a letter for the Board to sign at the next meeting.

Marcia said that she had Richard Schofield, who owns property on South Jordan Hill Road inquiring about the work that was done on the road and how wide the Town road actually is.  Marcia will write a letter to Mr. Schofield informing him that the road was laid out as 3 rods wide (50 feet approximately).

Paperwork was signed by the Board for Treasurer Carrie Klebe to open a new bank account at Northway Bank.

An Intent to Excavate was not signed by the Board pending information from the Planning Board that the owner is up-to-date on his permits.

Selectman Campbell said that the Town has received a donation from the local Chamber of Commerce of masks and hand sanitizer.  This replaces the supplies that we gave to the Coos County Nursing Home earlier this year.

Selectman Campbell gave an update on the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The Board discussed Town Meeting and Town Elections.  It was felt by the Board that elections could run as usual with masks and social distancing required.  Last year we had approximately 60 voters in the 7 hour period.  Executive Order #83, which was signed by the Governor, gives Towns the option of postponing the annual meeting.  After discussing the pros and cons, the Board decided to proceed with the meeting on the second Tuesday of March as usual.  Masks and social distancing will be required.  We usually have approximately 40 people attend and the Board feels that we can separate people adequately and not allow “gathering’.  An e-mail was received from Donna Jordan (Colebrook Chronicle) who stated that she had asked the Governor personally about using remote technology  and that he answered that Towns’ will have to make allowances.  How a meeting could be accessed remotely was discussed by the Board.  It was decided that the Town would wait to see what instructions we receive from the State regarding this matter.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Parkhurst, Secretary

Board of Selectman