Board of Selectmen Minutes

Meeting began at 6:00pm.  Present were Selectmen Eric Stohl, Norman Cloutier, and Donald Campbell.  Public present was Renaud Grandmaison.

Checks and manifests were reviewed and signed.  Mail was reviewed. 

Minutes from July 25th meeting were reviewed, Selectmen Stohl made a motion to accept the minutes, Selectmen Campbell seconded, all in favor, so approved.

Renaud Grandmaison brought it to Marcia’s attention that he had entered the wrong amount on his Report of Wood.  Marcia corrected the problem, and the Selectmen were all in agreement. Grandmaison left the meeting at 6:10pm.

The Auditors will be coming on August 13-15 for the Town’s annual audit.

The MS60A form was reviewed and signed by the Selectmen.

The Federal Forest Reimbursement form was reviewed and signed as well.

Jason Rella entered meeting at 6:15pm to review and sign his painting contract.  Rella discussed that he would not be doing the painting alone, and that he would be overseeing all work done on the building.  Selectmen were in agreement with this change to the contract.  Rella agreed that all work would be completed in 45 days.   Both the Selectmen and Rella signed, and each received a copy.  Rella was given a key to start his work anytime.  Rella left the meeting at 6:40pm.

There was a discussion on bill from Colebrook Fire Dept., questioning who to send bill to on “blue trailer”.  Selectman Campbell said to send it to Laurence Poindexter. 

Selectmen were in agreement to send bids out for oil. 

Selectmen discussed the “Returned Check Policy” and Selectmen Stohl motioned to accept the corrected policy, Selectmen Campbell seconded, all in favor, so moved. 

Selectmen Cloutier requested we send Road Liability Waiver’s to both Dave Andrew, and Mark McLauglin to be signed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm by Selectmen Cloutier, seconded by Selectmen Campbell.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie DeBlois