Meeting began at 6:05 pm.  Present were Selectmen Cloutier, Stohl and Campbell.

Mail was reviewed.

Checks and manifests were reviewed and signed.

Marcia explained that the Town had received a letter from the State of New Hampshire, Department of Health stating that Dr. Soucy’s term as Health Officer for the Town had expired.  Marcia contacted Dr. Soucy to see if he would be willing to serve for another three years.  He said he would and the Board signed the State appointment form.

An Intent to Cut was approved for Mario Pothier.

On a motion made by Selectman Stohl and seconded by Selectman Campbell, the Board approved the minutes of the September 14, 2016 meeting.

Marcia asked the Board if they wished to put out for bid the plowing of the Town Hall and Town Office.  After discussion, they instructed Marcia to place an ad in the newspaper requesting bids.

The Board reviewed a draft letter to be sent to Daniel Ouimette regarding his request for reimbursement of tax money paid in error.  The Board approved the letter and signed it.  Marcia will send the letter to Mr. Ouimette along with a refund check.

Marcia explained that Malcolm Washburn had come into the office and was still not satisfied with his Yield Tax Bill.  He stated that he would be out of Town and wouldn’t be able to attend this meeting but would be coming back in to talk with the Board.

Selectman Campbell reminded the other Board members that there will be a Dispatch Meeting on Thursday, October 13th, in Pittsburg beginning at 5:30 pm.  The purpose of this meeting with be to discuss the 2017 budget.

Marcia reminded the Board members that she would be on vacation the week of October 10th.  Deputy Town Clerk Debbie DeBlois will be manning the office.  The Board instructed Marcia to ask Debbie to take minutes at the October 12th meeting.

The Board discussed the following road issues:

1.    Road Agent David Cloutier was not able to attend due to a previous commitment.

2.    Paving – how much was spent on Trask Road and are we going to pave anywhere else.

3.    Replacement of culvert on Meridan Hill Road.  Marcia will have an ad put into the newspaper informing people of the closure.

4.    Mowing – David White will be taking care of this.

5.    Carr Road – ditching needs to be done

6.    Marshall Hill Road – culvert – above Jackie Cass’ house before the State takes over.

7.    Meridan Hill Road – will re-pave next year

8.    Culvert on Bungy Road – near Martha Long’s old house

The Board reviewed the MS-60A prepared by the auditors and signed the MS-535.  This completes all the necessary forms to be sent to DRA in anticipation of tax rate setting.

Abatement forms were signed for Angus MacDonald in the amount of $190.00 and Finley MacDonald in the amount of $490.00.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Parkhurst, Secretary

Board of Selectmen

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