Columbia NH Wildlife

Columbia offers a rich forest ecosystem, with a diverse range of micro- habitats. The high alpine forests, low level bogs and rolling meadows, give Columbia a tremendous environment for wild life to thrive in. So whether your hunting, observing or studying wild life; Columbia offers a habitat and season for everyone. Check the list below to find out what animals you might see in the wilderness of Columbia.

The Animals of Columbia:

· King Fisher · Moose · Coyote · Beaver · Osprey
· White Tail Deer · Woodcock · Bobcat · American Bittern
· Tree Frog · Porcupine · Box Turtle · Black Bear · Gray Fox
· Gray Jay · Green Snake · Merganzer · Otter · Loon
· Pine Marten · Peregrine Falcon · Skunk · Great Blue Heron
· Turkey · Grouse · Painted Turtle · Fisher Cat · Mink · Hare
· Bald Eagle · Red-back Salamander · Raven · Shrew
· Short-Eared Bat · Brown Trout · White Egret · Raccoon
· Horn Pout · American Toad · Bull Frog · Garter Snake


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