Board of Selectmen Minutes

Meeting began at 6:05 pm.  Present were Selectmen Cloutier, Stohl and Campbell.  Members of the public present during the meeting were William Schomburg, Road Agent Buddy Boudle and Tax Collector Garry Parkhurst.

Mail was reviewed.

Checks and manifest were reviewed and signed.  Before any checks are signed tonight, there is a balance of approximately $45,000.00 in the Town’s checking account.

On a motion made by Selectman Stohl and seconded by Selectman Cloutier, the Board voted to approve the minutes of the April 23, 2014 meeting.

An Intent to Excavate was approved for Clark Jeffers, Jr.

The Board reviewed material received from DOT Engineer Brian Schutt regarding what portion of Bungy Road is ‘state maintained.”

The Board discussed the ongoing work being done with FEMA regarding the Meridan Hill Bridge and other washed-out Town roads.  Right now the damages in Columbia are approximately $1,529,000.00.  To be declared a “disaster” there must be a total of $1,820,000.00 (total for Carroll and Coos counties).  The breakdown of our damages is as follows:

 Meridan Hill Road Bridge - $1,239,000.00
Other roads - $300,000.00

If approved, FEMA would cover 75% of the bridge costs and we would cover the remaining 25% ($307,250.00).  Hopefully the State would cover 80% of the $307,250.00 and we would be responsible for the other 20% ($61,450.00).  We

should be hearing from FEMA next week.  It was noted that the construction season is short and the State does not recommend that we use the temporary bridge during the winter.

William Schomburg came to the meeting to discuss the following subject:

 Lyman Falls dedication on May 31st @ 12:00.
All the paperwork has been filed with the State to get the Town Hall included on the State Historical Registry.
Would like to expand the Conservation Commission.  Marcia will check to make sure that there is no limit on the number of members.  Would like to add Stacey Campbell and Brendan Prusik. 

Mr. Schomburg left the meeting.

Road Agent Buddy Boudle came to the meeting.  The following items were discussed:

 Cold patching has been done.
 The Board gave Mr. Boudle a breakdown of where we are right now with

Mr. Boudle left the meeting.

The Board reviewed a letter and e-mail received from Lisa Meffert, who owns a camp on Turner Road.  On a motion made by Selectman Stohl and seconded by Selectman Campbell, the Board voted to repair Turner Road to the same condition as Mill Hill.  Marcia was instructed to contact Mrs. Meffert and tell her that as soon as the road bans are lifted, the Town would be addressing Turner Road.

On a motion made by Selectman Cloutier and seconded by Selectman Stohl, the Board voted to lift the road ban on all Town roads effective immediately.

The Board reviewed an e-mail from Heidi Lawton and a proposal from Jane Hubbard regarding updating the Town’s Mitigation Plan and LEOP.  Selectman Campbell will contact Heidi Lawton. 

The Property Tax Warrant for the first issue of 2014 was signed in the amount of $798,019.00.

A Land Use Change Tax form was signed in the amount of $2,500.00 for Charles Moisakis.

A Current Use Application form was approved for James Alexander.

Marcia asked the Board members if they had thought about merging the Town Hall property and the recently purchase Bennett properties.  After discussion, the Board voted to merge all three properties into one.  Chairman Cloutier signed the necessary paperwork to go before the Planning Board.

Marcia told the Board members that Sheila Parkhurst had asked if the Board wanted her to mow any of the Bennett property now that the Town owns it.  The Board decided that they didn’t want anything mowed at this time since they will be working on getting the well drilled and the parking lot built.

An Abatement Application was reviewed and approved by the Board (upon the assessor’s recommendation) for Herbie Ainsworth.  A refund check for 2013 property taxes was signed in the amount of $161.00.

A Private Road Liability Waiver was approved and signed for Roland Eldridge, Jr.

A Class VI Road Liability Waiver for Craig Kellett was not approved due to there being no witness to Mr. Kellett’s signature.  Marcia was instructed to return it to Mr. Kellett.

On a motion made by Selectman Stohl and seconded by Selectman Cloutier, the Board voted to formally approve the actions of the April 23, 2014 meeting, when the Board voted to sign a Tax Anticipation Note.  Paperwork for the Note was signed by the Board.  Marcia said that Citizens Bank would be depositing the $150,000.00 into the Town’s checking account on Friday, May 16th.
Marcia told the Board that a Stoddard Road resident (Mrs. Worthington) wanted the Board to know how much she appreciated their quick work on fixing the road after the washout.  Mrs. Worthington was pleased and surprised that the work got done without her having to call someone.

Selectman Cloutier gave the other Board members a breakdown of his conversation with Maggie Merchant (DRED) regarding Kelsea Notch Road.  Ms. Merchant is not convinced that the Town road ends where we say it does.  Ms. Merchant asked if the Town would have any objections to a surveyor from DOT looking at it and Selectman Cloutier told her “no”.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Parkhurst, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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