Board of Selectmen Minutes

Meeting began at 5:55 pm.  Present were Selectmen Cloutier and Campbell.  Selectman Stohl was absent.
Mail was reviewed.
Checks and manifests were reviewed and signed.
Tim Frizzell entered the meeting at 6:10 pm.  Mr. Frizzell said that he has some lots on Washburn Road that he is interested in selling.  He wanted to make sure that there would be no problem with someone building on these lots.  Selectman Cloutier explained that we would require the buyer to sign a Road Liability Waiver before building but that as long as the buyer went through the Planning Board there should be no problem.  Mr. Frizzell left the meeting.
On a motion made by Selectman Campbell and seconded by Selectman Cloutier, the Board approved the minutes of the June 11th meeting.
The Board reviewed a memo from Craig Hamelin to the Stewartstown Board in preparation for their meeting.
Selectman Campbell gave Selectman Cloutier a brief summary of what happened at the recent Dispatch Meeting.  The Board reviewed the revised minutes of that meeting.
A letter from Scott Corson regarding Turner Road was reviewed.  Marcia had prepared an answer to Mr. Corson recent e-mail, which the Board signed.
A letter was received from the US Fish & Wildlife Service informing the Town of this year’s PILOT payment.  It was noted that the amount has increased from $3,413 last year to $4,398. 
Marcia asked the Board if they were interested in paying off our TAN early.  As of this morning, the balance in the Town’s checking account was $445,358.95.  The note is not due until August lst but we would save a month’s worth of interest.  There is approximately 54% of our taxes still outstanding and the next school payment is not ue until fall.  After discussion, the Board approved paying off the loan early. 
At the previous meeting, it was asked if there was a time period stated in our agreement with the ATV Club regarding use of Town roads.  Marcia checked the Agreement and informed the Board that there wasn’t any time line given but that it was noted that numerous complaints might cause permission to be revoked.  Marcia said that she had spoken with Dale McCoy who wanted the Board to know that there had been ATVs crossing Route 3 by Sims Stream Road and going across the former Bennett property to reach the railroad tracks.  Discussion was held on whether we should put up some signs.  It was decided that Marcia would contact Craig Washburn and have him come to the next meeting.  Also to discuss the Kelsea Notch Trail and when it would officially open, etc.
Marcia told the Board that Heidi Lawton (Homeland Security) had contacted us and wanted the Town to prepare an Impact Statement as to how not getting any money from FEMA would affect the Town.  Marcia said she had spoken with Selectman Stohl before he left on vacation and he had drafted a letter, which he had signed.  After reviewing the letter, the remaining Board members signed it.  Other information that Heidi asked for was as follows:
Number of households affected by Meridan Hill flooding:  13 in Columbia/1 in North Stratford
Number of full-time residents:  38 full-time residents in Columbia
Traffic Count:  one has never been done that we know of
    Also, 14 seasonal homes plus unknown in North Stratford
The Board provided Marcia with the above information which will be passed on to Heidi.
Road Agent Buddy Boudle came to the meeting to discuss the work he has been doing on the Bennett property.  Mr. Boudle gave the Board members a description of what he has done so far and what remains to be done.  Mr. Boudle stated that he believed it would take more than $5,000.00 to complete the project.  He said that when the Town had reached the $5,000 mark he would donate an additional $2,000 worth of work himself.  Mr. Boudle left the meeting.
Selectman Cloutier stated that he had contacted the firm of Dubois & King regarding the Meridan Hill Road bridge project.  He said that they would be willing to come and meet with the Board regarding the process and where to begin.  Marcia said that she had spoken with Nancy Mayville from the State DOT-Bridge Division and that she also offered to come up and give the Board some guidance on where to start. 
At 7:30 pm Stewartstown Selectman Hazen Burns, Allen Coats and James Gilbert entered the meeting.  The following items were discussed:
 Memo from Craig Hamelin –

 Steel gate – the County has refurbished one and will be charging us for it.  Stewartstown feels that a stronger gate would have been better.
Weed wacking – Stewartstown has no problem with the Station purchasing a machine but wonders about the “extra hours”.
Sign has been ordered – should it say Lemington also?
Condition of Shack – all signs have been taken down.  Side by electrical box should be replaced.  Stewartstown has a carpenter that they use.
Planet Aid Container – needs to be leveled.
Metal Pile – Mr. Gilbert said that Randy LeClair could do the same thing as David Begin.  Questions included – how do we keep track of what they are picking up, what type of trailer, and a ramp to the trailer.  Needs further discussion perhaps with Craig Hamel and Sylvain.  Hazen said he would set up a meeting.
Fees for dumping C & D.  Are we getting other Town’s C & D because we are not charging?  Would need to give operator a little latitude on what they charge.  Perhaps a fee for pieces of furniture and untreated wood.
Are we opening up bad PR with our residents if we do this?  Cubic yard or piece?  More discussion needed and see what other Towns are charging.
 Should we have some sort of Capital Reserve for future large projects?
 Stickers – should be given out new each year.  Suggestion that we make          them a different color each year.
Need to set up a meeting with Hamelin to discuss training.
Discussed quote for wheel assembly repair.  Selectman Campbell stated that he didn’t like that the quote was not broken down by number of hours, charge per hour, etc.  He said that he felt it was rather expensive.  Mr. Burns said that Normandeau had quoted $800.00. 
It was decided that each Board should do some more talking about these items and then schedule another meeting to make decisions.  Mr. Coats asked when was the last time that we had “weighed” the household waste.  (As a side note, it was in August, 2008.)
The Stewartstown Board members left the meeting at 8:40 pm.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Parkhurst, Secretary
Board of Selectmen

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